Jimmy Clewes Suggested Beginners Set of Tools


All you have to do is turn your own custom handles
to fit the 1/2 inch and 3/8th Quick release units
and you have along with the 1/2 inch Set Screw holder
a great beginners set of Quality tools which will last.

All the tools will fit into either the QR units or Collet provided and very convenient

The set comprises of:
Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 Tool $145
Jimmy Clewes Signature 1/2 inch Bowl Gouge $70
Jimmy Clewes Signature 3/8 inch Bowl Gouge $60
3/8 Spindle Gouge $55
1/8 Standard Parting Tool $70
Jimmy Clewes SIgnature Box Scraper $80
3/4 Square End Blank ( this tool is provided as a blank to be ground in a desired form for scraping ) $70
1/2 inch Quick release Unit $50
3/8 inch Quick release Unit $50
1/2 inch Set Screw Unit $40

NOTE: A 3/4 inch Spindle Roughing out Gouge is NOT supplied in this set. This standard forged gouge can be bought from many Woodturning supply outlets.
Feel free to message me if you need suggestions.

SHIPPING NOTE: The price of shipping is included in the set price of $690.