Private Woodturning Instruction

Personalized Instruction

Within minutes of the famous Las Vegas Strip and Historic Fremont Street, I am now offering 3 day courses in my fully-equipped workshop.

With a maximum of five students per course, each student will receive the utmost in personal attention and each course will be tailored to the requirements of the participant, whether just beginning woodturning or advancing skills. Each course will emphasize tool technique and use.

What You'll Learn in Woodturning Class

The class will provide you with the skills to sharpen your tools. You can’t cut wood efficiently with blunt tools. We will discuss the different tool profiles and sharpening systems — pros and cons. We will do some simple spindle work and learn the basic cuts in spindle turning. Then onto the use of the skew, roughing out gouge, spindle gouge and parting tool. A spindle turner can easily switch to turning bowls, but a bowl turner will find it more difficult to learn spindles! We will then move onto turning a bowl and you will learn tool technique, bevel angles and how to easily obtain a pleasing curve which then can be refined to the finished curve. Other projects will include how to turn a box with a fitted lid so precise that you will not be able to get a razor blade in the joint! Another creative portion of the class will be to learn how to color a project which will emphasize the grain or figure. This will be combined with the platter turning that entails how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing ogee. When completed, you will have some really nice finished pieces and a huge boost your confidence! I will also explain why turning at slightly higher speed is safer than at a lower speed.

Progressing Students

I don’t believe there is such a thing as an intermediate or advanced woodturning class! After all, if you break it all down you are just learning certain cuts with certain tools. My classes are designed for all abilities and the projects will change based on level of ability and requirements of the students. I will cover everything you will need to increase your ability, from a sharpening, tooling, aesthetics and embellishment point of view. If you have a particular project in mind , just let me know and we will have a go at it !! Not only that, but I am sure that your confidence level will rise immensely all while having a great time in a great workshop in a great location.

Key Woodturning Points you will Learn:

Lathe safety
Sharpening & sharpening systems
Spindle turning
Bowl turning - how to achieve an aesthetic curve
End grain turning
How to turn a tight fitting lid
Coloring wood to enhance the grain
Square turning


All courses will cover safety issues, sharpening, finishing and the use of the basic woodturning tools. The courses are structured so that students will gain confidence in their ability and allow them to return to their workshop to further develop their artistic abilities. I encourage students to bring along any tools as I will be pleased to provide advice on sharpening.
The fee for a 3 day course is $750.00 and includes lunch, refreshments throughout the day and all class materials. Classes commence at 8:30 a.m. and conclude no later than 4:30 p.m.  A deposit of $250.00 is required upon booking a course.

I am currently taking bookings for the following dates.

• 2 Day Classes for 2 or more people available on request.

Come and join me! I am really looking forward to meeting you in the next class.