Jimmy Clewes Cutter For Hollowing Tool Mate


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Jimmy Clewes Cutter for Hollowing Tool Mate #1 & #2

The cutter is set just below the surface of the tool, which helps protect the cutter from inadvertent and very irritating chips.

The cutter is held in place with a #1 screw and standard T-9 flag style torque wrench. The reason for this is that the screw only needs to be finger tight. Do not over tighten. And, a light covering of wax will help loosen the cutter screw should you have been turning wet wood.

It is recommended to use the screw provided as the cutter ID has a taper which matches the taper on the screw to provide a secure lock-up of the cutter.



  1. golfer1250

    As the description says these are cutters not scrapers. They remove the wood in ribbons not dust. Just wish Jimmy would make a “swan neck” to reach deeper into a vessel. Awesome tool.

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