Jimmy Clewes Quick Release Units and Set Screw Units


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Jimmy Clewes Quick Release Units

An extremely quick, convenient and effective way of changing Woodturning Tool blades

A quick twist of the wrist and the tool can be removed and replaced in seconds, no fiddly grub screws or “bits” which can be lost in the shavings.

The other advantage of these units is that you are able to make the handles yourself out of most any wood, to your preferred shape and size and length. Then just replace blades in the future!.

These units are designed by me and made by Doug Thompson, all of Doug’s tools with a round shank will fit in the “QR” units which are made from High Grade Aluminium and are anodized in different colours for instant recognition of sizes.

Jimmy Clewes Set Screw Units

Available in 4 different sizes

These anodized set screw holders should be additional purchase options to this product: Jimmy Clewes Quick Release Units

5/8″ Set screw $45
1/2″ Set Screw, fits the Jimmy Clewes box scraper and mate tools as well as round shank tools of 1/2″ $40
3/8″ Set screw $40
1/4″ Set screw $40

5/8 Quick Release and Tool Handle assembly instructions

For best results, before inserting the QR unit using 2 part epoxy, make sure that the QR unit seats completely into the 7/8 whole.

The wood may have moved being that they are made here in Las Vegas!

You may need to hand sand or run a 7/8 forsner bit to resize the hole.

When the QR unit seats well, get a sharp nail, and score the inside of the hole, I use a V carving chisel. This is to allow a better grip for the glue and allows the air to escape when the using the 2 part epoxy. If you don’t you risk the air pushing the glue and unit out of the hole after inserting the QR unit.

Mix up the 2 part epoxy and smear a coat of the glue on the inside of the hole making sure the whole area is covered.

A very course abrasive on the shank of the QR unit will also allow for a better key for the glue.

Place some Saran wrap or similar to the underside of the QR unit, this will help to ensure that the glue does not stick the rotating QR ring to base unit if too much glue is applied or the glue pushes out from the hole.

Now be patient and wait for the glue to completely cure !

Acetone will help with any mishaps!! Or clean up.

Thank you.




  1. Jonathan Crisp (verified owner)

    This is marvelously ingenious device. As stated it works on a cam mechanism and a quarter turn will hold a DOUG THOMPSON 5/8 shank tightly. I made a 20 inch ash handle similar to that which Jimmy shows in one of his YouTube presentations on “Embellishment of a Handle.” I was very careful to follow his steps for drilling the handle and preparing the seat for the retaining/decorative ring. I used a beading tool to score the inside of the drilled handle and Saran Wrap as suggested to protect the mechanism from excess epoxy. I could not be more pleased with the QR unit!! I had previously looked for Stuart Batty mechanisms but I like this better. Being able to remove the tool from the handle makes sharpening much easier! I am ordering another QR to make a shorter handle today. By the way the gold anodizing looks incredible with ash just finished with Walnut Oil. 2023 JGC Glade Spring Virginia

  2. Michael Holden (verified owner)

    I purchased the 1/2″ quick release for my Thompson bowl gouge and made a handle out of Ash. I followed the instructions and watched the video to make the handle. Everything worked out great. The QR unit is incredible. It’s so nice to be able to remove the gouge for sharpening and not have the handle getting in the way. Especially with longer handled tools. I already bought a 5/8″ QR and need to make another handle. It’s also really nice not to have to throw away a whole tool when the gouge can’t be sharpened anymore. Just replace the steel and keep using the handle.

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