Jimmy Clewes Suggested Beginners Set of Tools


This is a high Quality very versatile, complete beginners to intermediate set of Tools.
All the tools will fit into the Ash Scorched hand turned handle with the 5/8 Quick release unit.
All you will ever have to do is replace the blades.
All the tools are made by Doug Thompson except the Mate # Tools.
Tools are sharpened and ready for immediate use.

The set comprises of:

  • Hand-made 16 inch Scorched Ash Tool Handle complete with 5/8 Quick Release Unit – $85.00
  • Jimmy Clewes Mate #2 Tool $145 (#2 Mate Pictured)
  • Jimmy Clewes Signature 1/2 inch Bowl Gouge $70
  • Jimmy Clewes Signature 3/8 inch Bowl Gouge $60
  • 3/8 Spindle Gouge $55
  • 1/8 Standard Parting Tool $70
  • Jimmy Clewes Signature Box Scraper $80
  • 3/4 Square End Blank (tool provided as a blank to be ground in a desired form for scraping) $70
  • 5 off 1/2 inch Bushings $100
  • 2 off 3/8 inch Bushings $40

NOTE: A 3/4 inch Spindle Roughing out Gouge is NOT supplied in this set. This standard forged gouge can be bought from many Woodturning supply outlets.

Total $ 775.00
Free T-shirt with order and Free Mini Mate with each order. Please let me know your T size.